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Field & workshop services


An economical and technological alternative in relation to the assembly of your mill, thanks to our modern POLWELD welding process.

DOROL Expert Service for vertical roller mills

Rapid assignment of our expert to the site, so that problems with your vertical roller mill can be analysed and eliminated.

PlantScan 3D - plant design & wear analysis

Plant audit at existing plants for plant design and wear measurement by means of a 3D laser scan.

Polysius Polab Services & Products

Reliable quality monitoring and control, thanks to regular maintenance and servicing of your laboratory automation system.

O&M Training

Well trained staff will increase the plant performance and process efficiency significantly.

POLDRIVE - check-up for drive systems

Assignment of experts for the maintenance of your mill drives and kiln drives, for quicker and early detection of problems.

Remicam - assistance from afar

From a distance, our experts can look over your shoulder and provide effective assistance in the event of problems with your plant.

POLSCAN - optoelectronic kiln measuring

POLSCAN is a high-precision, optoelectronic measuring system for checking rotary kiln geometry. Your advantage: early damage detection and inceased kiln availibility.

POLYCOM Expert Service

Regular maintenance and inspections by our POLYCOM® experts ensure the consistent and reliable performance, as well as an extended service life of the POLYCOM® roll units. Our experts record the exact status of your POLYCOM® and recommend specific measures to optimize the operating conditions.

Process-Technological Inspections

Extensive examinations to determine the efficiency of processes in your plant.

Field services/Site supervision for polyamide plants

Our teams of experienced specialists are active throughout the world, supporting our customers with on-the-spot inspection, maintenance, repair and erection work.

POLGRIND for rotary kilns, tube mills and drums

Improving operation of your plants by optimising the running surface of supporting rollers, tyres and slide rings with our POLGRIND mobile machining service.