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Service Product Finder – Chemical Industry

Ammonia & urea plants

Revamp for capacity increase (ammonia and urea plants)

Performance Improvement – Revamp for capacity increase for ammonia and urea plants

Small effort – big results

Full-service package for replacing ammonia catalysts

We offer our customers a full-service package for replacing the catalyst in the ammonia converter.

Chemical Industry

PSPN - Professional Spare Parts Navigator

Save time finding the appropriate spare parts for your plant thanks to our Professional Spare Parts Navigator (PSPN).

PlantScan 3D - plant design & wear analysis

Plant audit at existing plants for plant design and wear measurement by means of a 3D laser scan.

Capacity revamp for polyester and polyamide plants

By debottlenecking polyester and polyamide plants production capacity increases can be achieved at a relatively low investment cost.


The usage of a CMMS to schedule, track and document all maintenance works is a major factor in the success of the maintenance organization as a whole.

Operations Management Assistance

Operations Management services support customers with the operation of industrial process plants. thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions provides a team of engineers and experts who are integrated into the customer’s on-site operations team.

Electrolysis plants

Full service & performance impr. for electrolysis plants

thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers’s full service offers complete electrolyser maintenance from a single source. It covers all activities required for remembraning and recoating as well as performance improvement, e. g. an element upgrade.

Process improvement for electrolysis plants

A process improvement is a measure to enhance the performance of the plant.

Element upgrade

By replacing the anodic electrodes, we enable our customers to achieve a significant reduction in power consumption and CO2 emissions.

Uhde Pipe Tech™

Uhde Pipe Tech™ guarantees an optimum specification, fabrication and installation of plastic piping.

Remote condition monitoring (RCM)

Remote condition monitoring (RCM) is a diagnosis service for thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers’s customers. Our Uhde IntegratorTM monitors plant performance and allows the data collected to be sent to thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers by automatic data transfer to be analyzed by our specialists.

Element replacement & performance impr. for electrolysis plants

Element replacement relates to the replacement of old elements with a later generation of cells, e. g. removing existing v2 elements and installing v6 elements in their place, in order to reduce the specific power consumption.

Nitrates plants

Installation of an EnviNOx® system in nitric acid plants

EnviNOx® is the first industrially proven commercial low temperature process for the combined removal of N2O and NOX. It is capable of almost complete removal of nitrous oxide. NOX emissions can also be reduced to very low levels, enabling an invisible stack plume to be easily achieved.

Operation & maintenance e.g. chemical plants

Plant Assessment

Detailed report on plant conditions and recommendations for plant performance improvement.

Full Service Maintenance

Full-service Maintenance supports the plant owner by managing their maintenance organization, including the provision of the required personnel and tools. Often this service also includes budget responsibilities for maintenance that is transferred from the plant owner to a maintenance contractor.

Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management services support the customer with the maintenance of industrial process plants. thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions provides a team of engineers and experts who are integrated into the customer’s on-site maintenance team.

O&M Training

Well trained staff will increase the plant performance and process efficiency significantly.

Spare Parts Management

thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions (tk IS) supports the customer in the supply chain management of spare parts, offering activities that include the analysis and improvement of inventories and the optimization of spare parts procurement with respect to quality and price.